Peachtree Press – February 2018

Peachtree Residents, Staff, and Family Members,

January brought the snow and cold weather, and February will likely be some of the same. As we power through the end of the winter, we keep our sights on the coming spring. With the warmer weather will come refreshing updates to our facility. As these details become available we will share with you.

Suggestion boxes have been placed throughout the facility for feedback from staff and residents so feel free to let us know what you think about the renovations you feel should be prioritized or share feedback in other areas. Staff who you feel go above and beyond their call of duty should be recognized, so write a quick note and let us know they made your day! Thank you everyone for your patience as we work through laundry improvements. The housekeeping team has been busy at work to tighten up their systems and organize the facilities. That being said, if your closets can be thinned out a little, please feel free to remove unworn clothing.

Guardian Angels or other staff members can assist with this. We’ve started using clothing labels in all of resident’s personals, so if you bring new clothing in, please ask your CNA, Housekeeper, or Guardian Angels for these labels. We ask that clothing is labeled with first initial, last name, and room number to make delivery simple.

I hope you all stay warm and in good spirits!

Sarah Flathmann

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