Peachtree Press – June 2016

Dear Residents, Families, and Staff

I hope everyone is having a great summer, even with the 90 degree temps!! As some of you know, we’ve had some problems with the facility air conditioning unit and we had to have a rental unit brought in which is keeping us cool. You may see it in the back of the building, this is what we’ll use for now until either ours is repaired or a new system is purchased. Thank God for the cool air, this building gets really hot, really quick when the A/C unit goes down!

Happy July 4 th to you, let us celebrate our freedom by remembering those who helped us become a free country!! What will you choose on that day? Bar-B-Que, hash, or hamburgers and hotdogs, both are wonderful, traditional American fare!! Don’t forget the ice cream, preferably homemade, some lemonade and watermelon!! Peachtree residents will have July 4 th treats on Friday, July 1 st at 2:30pm. There are other special events scheduled for July which include ice cream socials, summer treat time, and watermelon slicings!! Check the calendar on each unit for all events.

Peachtree wants to welcome some new employees to our great team. We have used contract companies for many years for our housekeeping and therapy services. As of June 1 st , the former employees of IH Services are now Peachtree Staff. The former supervisor for IH, Miranda Hoyle, remains at the facility to be the Housekeeping and Laundry Supervisor. On July 1 st , our therapy team will be Peachtree employees, directed by Edith Slovak who has been with us a few months. She often brings Abigail, the therapy dog, who is adored by all!! We want to welcome all these employees in to the official “Peachtree Family!!” Thank you for choosing to be a part of our team!! With you and the rest of the great staff at Peachtree, we will definitely shine in the sunny state of SC!!

As always, keep Peachtree in your prayers,

Cindy Matthews,

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