Peachtree Press – June 2017

Dear Residents, Families, Staff and Gaffney,

Summer is upon us for sure! It is a time of fun, sun, vacations and spending time with friends and family. Peachtree Centre wishes you all a safe and fun summer. Feel free to include us in your plans. Whether you are coming by to visit your family at Peachtree, wanting to volunteer or just to visit during one of our fun Activities, you are always welcome at Peachtree Centre.

Remember, with the heat and sun of summer, we all need to be careful of over-exposure to the sun and the need to stay hydrated. Wear sunscreen and drink plenty of fluids. Push fluids to your family so everyone can be well enough to be enjoyably active.

Summer brings freedom for the children, too. Wonderful times will be had by the young ones this summer. However, let’s remember water safety and to drive extra cautiously with all the children out and about. We love to have the children visit Peachtree Centre.

Nothing lights up our hallways like children.

Finally I will say, as the new interim administrator, I am so enjoying my time at Peachtree Centre. Meeting all of you who live and work here is a pleasure as well as our wonderful faithful families. You are all a treasure to Peachtree Centre and should be very proud of yourselves and the Gaffney Community. God bless you all and have a great summer!

Joe Lee
Interim Administrator

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