Peachtree Press – November 2016

Dear Residents Families and Staff,

Thank you so much for participating in the Halloween festivities this week!! We had a great time celebrating with the Boys and Girls Club and several area Daycares including Midway, Little Angels and Corinth. I greatly appreciate all those who “dressed up (or down, Lol !!!!) for the occasion, particularly Rehab for their theme “101 Dalmatians”. Special thanks to Unit I for
their bewitching costumes and having so many residents dressed as witches! Sandra H, Gloria and Karen did a phenomenal job in decorating the Administration hall for our “Island of Misfit Toys” theme. Judy Crocker, Candy Schobert, Miranda Hoyle and Gloria M., WOW, you did great with the “Truck or Treat” boxes!! Everyone loved them, this was so creative !! We thank Amanda
Knowles for capturing all the fun events and sharing pictures with Facebook, the newspapers, etc. You are so quick, takes me a while to figure it out. Many thanks to the staff of the 4 th floor for getting your residents involved, they seemed to love dressing up a little!! Also, to 2 nd floor, your residents were awesome as they dressed for Halloween and gave out candy. It takes all of us to do some encouraging and motivating to pull off some of our big events, so once again Thank you all!!

Now, for November, you would think the temperatures would be cooler and we could enjoy the “Hot Cocoa” Socials on November 3 rd but we may need to bring back to “Ice Cream” Socials!! On November 4 th , the CTC Cosmetology students will be here to do some “Makeovers”, count me in on this!! On November 11 th , Peachtree will have a Veteran’s Day recognition in the lobby at
2:30 pm. Join us on November 16 th at 4:00 pm as the Gaffney High School Drama Club entertains us on Unit I!! We can hardly wait for Thanksgiving… all that Turkey Dressing and all the “fixins”!! Our Dietary Department cooks some wonderful food and you’ll get this special meal on November 24 th for lunch. Don’t forget to count your blessings on Thanksgiving, a wonderful day to be thankful!! Right after Thanksgiving it will be time to decorate for Christmas on November 29 th and this is always a fun time!! Check your calendars on each unit for other activities which may be of interest to you.

As always, keep Peachtree in your prayers and Happy Thanksgiving!!

Cindy Matthews,

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