Peachtree Press – September 2018

Dear PTC residents, staff, and families,

Can you believe we’re already in September! The year has flown by and each day brings more and more “newness” to our world. We’re finally starting to see the effects of the renovation throughout the facility. The new lights have certainly brightened up the hallways! Thank you all for your patience, we truly could not do it without everyone on board.

Constant transitioning, even for the day is not exactly convenient, but we’ve worked hard to make it as smooth and as rewarding as possible. We will continue through September and October, and we will be through the tough part before Halloween (just in time for decorating the halls, contests, etc.).

Congratulations to Sheila Rogers, CNA for receiving Employee of the Month for September. Her willingness to help out whenever asked and her connection to her residents make this honor very well deserved. Also, congrats to Michele Wright, Administrative Assistant/Medical Records/Jack of All Trades who received Department Head of the Month for her willingness to learn and take on more and more duties, serving as back up to multiple departments, and taking day to day changes in stride!

Lastly, I want to remind everyone of our laundry policy. Make sure your clothing or that of your loved ones is labeled initially and in between washes (even if family does laundry). Labels are  available upon request, but if you can’t find one of us, write the resident’s first initial, last name, and room number on the tag in permanent marker.

We’re trying to stay on top of unclaimed and unlabeled clothing so if you’re missing items please notify a supervisor with the description, size, color and we will work to locate it. If family does laundry there should be a sign hung on the closet (pink t-shirt) that states Family Does Laundry. If we missed this sign, please ask a supervisor or Brittany in Activities for a sign.

I love our Peachtree team and I look forward to a fun Fall season together!


Sarah Flathmann

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